Holly Willoughby Went On A Show Dressed As Harley Quinn And Got Pissed



We’re kind of under the impression that Holly Willoughby can do anything on TV. AND get away with it. She entertained us all on This Morning, giggling uncontrollably, showing she’s doesn’t care if she had a drink, or more.

No surprise, she appeared on the Celebrity Juice Halloween Special (airing tonight on ITV2, 10PM) dressed like Harley Quinn. And with some evidence that she had something to drink, to help with her Harley Quinn persona.

The host, Keith Lemon quickly pointed out that 35-year-old Holly had been ‘on the sauce’ after she struggled to look at the right camera. She finally admitted that he was right.


Warning: NSFW


Holly went on to slur her words as Keith ribbed her, before a picture of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad was put alongside her.

“Why don’t you just wear that on This Morning? Philip Schofield will have a fu*king heart attack,” Lemon said.


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