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Make Your Home Look Like A Palace With These Cheap And Easy DIYs That Look Expensive


Do you find it hard to believe DIYs? How many times have you struggled to do one project and realized you better go and buy it in the store? Making something with your own hands gives the object a particular value, especially if it looks like you’ve just bought it from the most expensive shop. People start asking questions about it and you keep thinking how proud you are of yourself. A little pride never hurt anyone, so these ideas will help you make the loveliest expensive-looking DIYs ever.

1. Can you guess the DIY here?

So hard to tell, right? It’s on the closet doors. Two faux ceiling medallions were attached to the boring closet door. A little paint added, and, there you go, you’ve got a palace!



2. Cool patterns with trim.

Trim is so much fun and easy to work with. Also, why not painting your closet a fun color?


Source:Monica Wants It

3. Modern wreaths

Jump on the succulent bandwagon and make this cool wreath. Using faux succulents, a cork roll and some embroideries, it is very easy to make.


Source:Pretty Providence

4. Planter box

It’s made from barn wood, and fits perfectly to a farmhouse or rustic style home. It’s easy to make with proper tools and wood.


Source:Shanty 2 Chic

5. Pallet bench

It may look complicated, but it’s very easy to make if you follow simple guidelines. The first thing to do is choose the mattress you like and find some pallet wood at a thrift. Be prepared for a lot of measurements and screws.


Source: Funky Junk Interiors

6. Bathroom sign knockoff.

Save your money and fool your guests into thinking you actually shop at Pottery Barn. There are free printables available! Use picture frames to put the sheets in.


Source:The Teacher’s Wife

7. Framing your bathroom mirror.

You can use any type of wood and pint it your own way, add some glue and little details will help you get your dream frame!


Source:Cherished Bliss

8. When you don’t have a green thumb, try these!

Vertical succulent gardens that’ll never die — they’re made of felt!


Source: Lia Griffith

9. Wooden mirror

Pick your wood and bring your tools, so easy!


Source: Shanty 2 Chic

10. Pencil holder

Rose gold foil and your desk will shine!



Source: Damask Love

11. Mark your keys properly.

Put your mark on them with a trendy monogram key chain!


Source: Homey Oh My

12. Jazz up a plain clutch with a bit of creativity and fabric paint.

Look at that cute button!


Source: Delineate Your Dwelling

13. Concrete cones as ring holders.

These concrete cones will give you a great spot to place your rings.


Source: DIY In PDX

14. Make your own dishware.

Use an oil-based permanent marker to create your design and then bake your plate in the oven at 300 for 40 minutes.


Source: Kelly Elko

15. The loveliest chalkboard calendar.

It looks so vintage and sophisticated, and the secret is in the play you need to do with the different paint colors. Arrange the board in your own way!


Source: Hawthorne And Main

16. Slap your monogram on a tote bag.

You can use a paper doily as a stencil, some paint and your letter, of course!


Source: Kristine In Between

17. A different kind of wreath.

Use a basket instead of wreath and add some accessories you can find at the dollar store.


Source: Hoosier Homemade

18. Make your own farmhouse candle sticks.

Use spindles attached to a base and make them look like they’re from a million dollar store.


Source: Little Vintage Nest

19. This simple yet pretty dream catcher is the perfect accessory for your decor.

Customize and suit it for your own place.


Source: Making It In The Mountains

20. DIY memo pad.

Great for grocery lists and reminders and so easy to make. Use receipt paper for easier handling.


Source: The Merry Thought

21. Decorate your old book, but still read it!

Find old pages of books, some other materials you’d like to put and use some glue.


Source: Little Vintage Nest

22. Rock bucket

Don’t throw away all those rocks and metal buckets! They might be useful.


Source: Centsational Girl

23. Laurel wreath.

Time to bring that regal look to your home and it’s easy to do with this DIY laurel wreath tutorial.


Source: Craftberry Bush

24. Photo clipboards

Take your own pics, print them and then clip them to your DIY photo clipboards.


Source: Love Grows Wild

25. Cotton branches.

You just need some branches and cotton balls to make your own design.


Source: Prodigal Pieces

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