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14 Interesting Facts About ‘Home Improvement’


Home Improvement was one of the most popular sitcoms in America during the 1990s. It aired on ABC for eight seasons between 1991 and 1999 and launched the careers of Tim Allen and Pamela Anderson. The show was recognized with numerous awards, including Golden Globes and Emmys, while the series finale is considered the ninth most-viewed finale ever in television history

But did you know the following 14 Home Improvement facts?

1. Jill was supposed to be played by Frances Fisher

Fisher shot the pilot, but she was viewed as too serious and not comedic enough for the role. She was replaced by Patricia Richardson and the episode was re-shot.


Source:TV Ruckus

2. Richard Karn got his role because of a traffic ticket

Richard, who played Al, had to attend driving safety lessons due to a traffic violation he did. It was there that he met the agent who told him about the opening for the role.


Source:Google Play

3. The audience you see during “Tool Time” scenes is the real audience



4. Wilson’s full face is not shown until the curtain call of the very last episode

Wilson’s face remains hidden even during the episode where the characters converge for dinner at his house


Source: YouTube | Aaron Ford

5. “Tool Time”, Tim’s handyman show, was originally supposed to be called “Hammer Time”

This was changed, possibly because M.C. Hammer’s “Stop… Hammer time!”



6. Al Borland’s name was supposed to be Glenn

That really would have ruined the famous “Noooo Al” joke during the Christmas episode


Source: YouTube | HIcrywishes

7. The White House tried to get Hillary Clinton on the show

White House staff believed having the First Lady on one of the most popular television shows at the time would be a good way for her to address ‘women, children, and family issues’. The producers were willing, but it never came to fruition.


Source:Talking Points Memo

8. Tim Allen reportedly turned down $50 million to do a ninth season

The legend says he declined, so Home Improvement stayed at 203 episodes in eight seasons


Source:APJ Home Improvement

9. Mrs. Doubtfire was supposed to be a Home Improvement movie spinoff

The idea was that Jill and Tim divorced and Tim would dress up as a woman and pose as a nanny so that he could still see the kids. Tim hated the idea and so it was ditched eventually, only to be reused for Mrs. Doubtfire.


Source:Drunk Movie Zone

10. Wilson’s character was based on Tim Allen’s childhood neighbor

He was too small to take a look over the fence, so he never got to actually see his neighbor


Source:Home Improvement Wikia

11. Did Tim go to Walsh College?

No. He actually went to two other schools also based in Michigan: Central Michigan University before transferring to Western Michigan University, graduating from the latter with a degree in communications specializing in radio and television production in 1976.

The Walsh College of Accountancy and Business based in Troy, Michigan, however, sent him a bunch of their sweaters and asked him to wear them during the show, which he gladly accepted.


Source:T-Shirts On Screen

12. Tim “the Toolman” Taylor used Binford tools

The fictional tool company was actually named after a friend of the writers. Interestingly enough, it also appears in Toy Story, the sitcom Last Man Standing and in the hockey movie Miracle!


Source:TV Acres

13. Tim Allen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas fell out

J.T.T. walked out during season eight, claiming that he wanted to focus on his studies. Tim didn’t like it.


Source:Fan Pop

14. Luckily, they managed to patch things up

J.T.T. even appeared on Tim Allen’s new show, Last Man Standing.


Source:JTT Archives
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