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Home-made Potato Chips Within Minutes!

Microwave Potato Chips


Imagine a bowl full of crispy potato chips and watching your favorite show on TV when you come back from work! Such a satisfying thought! But then all of a sudden you realize you have no chips left at home and you are feeling  too tired to go out and get some.

However, in such alarming cases we have The Crazy Russian Hacker to save our time and money with his super duper hacks! Here is one that will teach us do our own potato chips in only a couple of minutes! It is unbelievable but all you need is a potato, some oil, salt and pepper and of course your microwave.

Watch this video and find out how to make the perfect home-made potato chips that you will like even more than the ones you usually buy! Next, put on your favorite show or movie and fill the bowl with your snacks and enjoy your perfect afternoon with friends and family!


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