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Home Treatment Of Eyebrow And Eyelash Alopecia

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Eyebrow and eyelash alopecia is realtively common. You may have noticed that ocassionally, there are holes or gaps in your brows or lashes. It has various origins, but rest assured, it’s usually temporary and can be cured with a proper treatment.



What causes hair loss of eyebrows and eyelashes?



It’s necessary to know the causes, so you can begin to tackle them, so let’s see the factors that cause it:


During a stressful time, our metabolism changes, cortisol modifies some of our functions and alopecia can happen.

Eczema or atopic dermatitis

This is a disease that often ends up being chronic, with the appearance of red spots, itching, mild disorders, etc. It can affect the eyelids, resulting in loss of eyebrows and eyelash hairs.




Removing the hair root results in the hair taking longer to develop, so it can take up to two weeks to regrow the eyebrow.

Certain medications

Some medicines for arthritis, for example, can cause loss of eyebrows and eyelashes. If you have questions about side effects of any medications you are taking, check with your doctor first.

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