Homecoming Rejection Turns For The Best As Teen's Dream Comes True

Homecoming Rejection Takes A Turns For The Best As Teen’s Dream Comes True


Fox 5 news reported on the heart-melting story of Daniel Rivas, aged 17, a teen with Down syndrome and his homecoming party partner.

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Daniel Rivas was a student at the Shadow Ridge High School in Las Vegas, Nevada when the story took place back in 2016.

His main goal in life is to enroll in college with a view to becoming a chef.

He was looking forward to his homecoming party with much impatience and exuberance and then he was cut short when someone turned down his invitation.

Then, one of the girls at his high school stepped up. Kylie Fronius decided to ask Daniel if she could accompany him to the homecoming party.

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“I don’t think of [kids who have a disability] as being different,” said Kylie. “It’s just a normal person learning a different way.”

“Someone took his own time to take my son to his homecoming….Words can’t describe what I’m feeling” said his mother, Tonya, trying to keep the tears from falling down her face.

Right on, Kylie!

The Surprise Squad over at Fox 5 KVVU TV took heed and decided to extend their graciousness, making that night a night that Daniel would never forget!

They made sure that Daniel and his date would arrive at their party in style, so they brought along a black Rolls Royce. They also had a red carpet waiting for them at the spot!

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Kylie, Daniel and his mom were astonished to see the Rolls Royce pulling up in front of their house.

Before arriving at the party, they stopped for a quick wine and dine at the local Bistro 57. Chef Franco De Furia made sure these kids were well fed for the night that was ahead of them.

Daniel literally started crying during the ride towards the venue.

“What’s wrong….are you crying?” asked Kylie.

“Yes…I’m so happy!”

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Now the footage from the dance is really something! You can see the two having a blast and rocking some legendary dance moves on the floor!

However, there seemed to be no end to the surprises that night! Daniel and Kylie were awarded a free trip to Disneyland, whereas a scholarship fee of 10,000 USD was given to Daniel to use after he graduates from high school!

Be still, my heart!

It seems like Daniel had the time of his life! Rock on, Daniel!


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