From Homeless To Millions – 10 Rich Celebrities Who Were Poor First


Life is surprising like that sometimes, isn’t it? It’s always so heart-warming to read, or see a story about someone who was once considered unfortunate, and now you would ask for their autograph.

Stories like this help us realize that anyone can get a break and have a chance to change their life, only if they truly value and nurture their talents and best traits.

Would you guess that 4-times Bond – Daniel Craig was actually sleeping in Hyde Park at a certain point of his life? Or that one of the greatest comedians that ever lived – Jim Carrey was living in a VW van? Sure, surfer vans are adorable, but they can’t compare to a multi-milion dollar net worth. Neither can a $5 room at the YMCA compared to a net-worth of $300 million, but some people have gone from one to the other and their stories continue to be fascinating.



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