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Salon In Minnesota Offers Homeless People A Full Pampering Service


Having to deal with not having a roof over your head is an extremely highly difficult experience that can make you doubt humanity. Yet there are people in this cold world that try to make your day a little brighter. This is the mission of a spa in Minnesota which offers free pampering to homeless people.

Taj Spa and Salon is a “happy place” for homeless people in Minneapolis. The workers provide a full salon service to give people with no shelter some semblance of normality.  After spending days on the street and dealing with food problems, it’s time for them to feel a little bit relaxed.

Fox9 News sent to a small crew to the salon to see the impact this statement is making.

One little boy who made a major impression, he came with his mother to get a shampoo, shoulder and a head massage from workers after trimming his hair. As you can see, he looks so happy and is smiling from ear to ear. He gives them a promising ’11 out of 10 stars.’

He took the mic from the TV crew and started interviewing the others participants in the salon that had finished their appointments. It’s truly heartbreaking how little it takes to make these people’s day.  One of them says: ” I didn’t even know you can have this much done. I am going out tonight,” she jokes.

“At Taj, part of our mission and vision is to care for our community and earth,” owner Andria Strandin a community engagement manager at People Serving People said. “We take this serious and to heart. This specific event is something we have been wanting to do for a long time. We have other team members who have done this on their own time and we wanted to bring it to another level and help and give back to more individuals. I’m so proud of our team for making giving back a part of their lifestyle.”

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The most recent study conducted on October 22, 2015 from Wilder Research finds that there are 9,312 homeless people in Minnesota. Andria Strandin and her team at Taj Spa and Salon in Minneapolis are providing assistance for their homeless neighbors. It’s true that we all feel refreshed after a visit at the salon, but the haircut isn’t all the families who went to Taj received. Besides the usuals, they received as much pampering and TLC as the salon was able to provide.

People Serving People is the largest and most comprehensive, family-focused homeless shelter in Minnesota that helps homeless, at-risk children and families to manage crisis situations and build a strong foundation for their long-term success.

Watch the video here and share if you feel inspired by these small acts of kindness.


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