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Homeless People Who Won The Lottery Despite All Odds

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Imagine your life right now. You’re at work, sitting in front of a screen, thinking of your dream vacation, and then immediately thinking about the bills that need to be paid. And then, imagine winning as much as $150,000 and being able to make a better life for yourself.

Did that?

Now this. Imagine living on the street, in the cold and wind during winter, or heat in the summer. You beg for money and your diet is unimaginably unhealthy. You never take a shower, you only have coffee when you can afford it, which is never, and you probably lived in a nice home once. Now you don’t have anything. And then, imagine winning the lottery. What are the odds, really?!

Yet, here we have several people who won the lottery despite the odds, and in the weirdest ways. Check out the video, and of course, keep your hopes up. You never know 🙂


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