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You Can Now Buy Homes Made Of Shipping Containers… On Amazon!


In case you haven’t noticed, in recent times, shipping containers seem to be finding a new and amazing purpose. More and more people are transforming them into actual homes. You know, one of those that you can actually live in.

And now, if you want in on the shipping container home experience, they’re available for purchase on Amazon!


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Sure, the home you’ll get might not be as lavish as this shipping container house in the middle of the desert, but just imagine how cool it would be to live in one of these!

The company that makes these homes is called MODS International and their “livable units” are currently available for order on Amazon. And don’t worry about hygiene, because these homes are built from brand new containers rather than old, recycled ones that have had God-knows-what in them.

Each of them has a small living area, bathroom, bedroom and a kitchen, plus accommodation for up to 4 people with bunk beds. You can customize them too, just to make sure that they’ll be to your liking and specifications.

According to the website, the MODS are built to code so you don’t have to worry about breaking any regulations. They can also be adjusted to follow local building rules relating to plumbing and electricity – which power both the heat and A/C units inside.


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They’re easy to set up: you can easily put them together within an hour, and they come with excellent insulation so that the temperature is absolutely perfect.


Source: Amazon

And the company is willing to make any adjustments and changes that will cater to your needs.

So how much would you have to pay for one of these interesting-looking homes? They’re currently listed at $36,000 plus $4,000 for shipping. Considering that what you’re getting weighs 7,500 pounds and contains a full home that you can live in, $40,000 seems reasonable enough, right?


Source: Amazon

Would you live in a home like this? Let us know in the comments!

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