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Shocking Images Of People Living Inside Coffin Cubicles In Hong Kong

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To some of the most exorbitant house prices in the world, Hong Kong is home. Because of this, space is a commodity reserved for the super rich and a luxury not many of us can afford. But Hong Kong is also one of the most densely populated areas in the world and with this precious little land, where are its residents finding enough room to actually live? Well, Benny Lam has been documenting this by photographing Hong Kong’s so-called “coffin cubicles” in a photographic series entitled Trapped. Below you can find some of the astonishing pictures.

1. Cramped conditions are a given


2. The UK has described the dwelling as an “insult to human dignity.”


3. Just looking at these images, it’s hard not to feel claustrophobic.


4. Storage solutions are on a whole other level.


5. It is so surprising that people are still able to live in these conditions.


6. Available places are takes up by important personal possessions.


7. Tidiness is vital to this way of life. I mean look at these pictures…


8. Too crowdy.


9. Getting creative is unavoidable.


10. Space is so precious for them, so none of it is wasted. Never!


It is so hard to not feel a twinge of guilt while scrolling through these pictures. When these living conditions are a reality for most people, it seems so childish to complain about inconsequential details.


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