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Twelve Brilliant Makeup Tricks For Hooded Eyes


Ladies, if you have hooded eyes, you probably spend a lot of time watching tutorials on eyeshadow looks. Does it always work? Not necessarily. But you know what my hooded friends? Embrace and learn how to love your eyes with these 12 tricks shown below.

1. Invest in a great primer

The first step is to have a good primer. Hooded eyes crease and the eyeshadow transfers. Consider this one by Urban Decay because is simply amazing.


Source: Urban Decay

2. Use matte shades

Using matte colors will create the illusion that there is a lot of depth to your lids.


Source: Instagram | @hazi_d

3. Plump up your lashes with falsies

If you want your eyes to appear bigger then use false eyelashes that flare at the outer corner of the eye.

4. Use an eyelash curler

If you don’t like fake eyelashes, then use an eyelash curler to create the same effect.


Source: Instagram | @echoviebysusie

5. Apply a highlight in your inner corner

Applying a shimmery highlighter on the corner of your eye will help to lift the entire hood of your eye.


Source: Instagram | @rachelkaejenkins

6. Always wing it

Extend and lift the eyeliner on the upper lid higher than you would.

7. Set your eyeliner

With hooded eyes, eyeliner can transfer, so to stay away from that set your eyeliner with a black shadow.


Source: Makeup and Beauty Blog

8. Create a cut crease

A cut crease is always a good idea. It is a dramatic eye look that makes your eyes appear bigger.  To see the full tutorial, click here.


Source: YouTube | Stephanie Lange

9. Apply makeup with your eyes open

If you apply your makeup with eyes open, then you can understand where your crease is.


Source: reddit | hobbitqueen

10. Line your bottom lash line

Your lower lash line needs love too. Place you favorite shadow and voila.


Source: Makeup and Macaroons

11. Pluck eyebrows to widen eyelid space

Pluck your eyebrows and shape them according to the outline of your face. They need to stay on fleek too.


Source: Larry Busacca | Getty Images

12. Use bold colors

To look more awake, bold colors can make a huge difference. Blue and purple are my go-to’s.


Source: Kelly Dougher | Bustle

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