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Hot Dudes Reading Is The Instagram Craze Book Lovers Have Been Enjoying For A While Now


E-Book lovers, brace yourselves, as Instagram gets better! If you are a book lover, then for sure you are tired of all the meaningless selfies around. You wish there were more people reading instead of taking selfies or just scrolling up and down their phones. Luckily for you, people created the Hot Dudes Reading (@hotdudesreading) account on Instagram. People created it to show the world there are still people who read, and, oh boy, they are hot!


I know what you are thinking right now – Instagram has been blessed! Hot dudes reading in public? Isn’t that long gone in the past? No, and the pictures are proving just that. You know what they say: you are what you read! And you can find out so many things about a person by just looking at what they read. If you are looking for someone smart, this is your chance.

Let the husband hunting begin! Maybe you can just look at them and wonder what they read.

1. This one here is totally into his book!

That is the posture of a man who can commit. Why? Because he is so committed to that book! So rare these days…


2. Is that a hardcover book I see?

For starters, we know that he is a book lover, and vintage lover, too!


3. This guy gets points for style.

That scarf, that hat, that smart look. Plus the beanie and YouthNation? He is a keeper!


4. Dream Team boy and dreamy look as well.

Look at him flex while he reads that book. Building body and brain muscle at the same time!


5. Do you even want to know what this guy is reading?

Apparently, it’s that good that he ditched his pants for that book. So confident!


6. Very casual, yet very confident.

It’s always important that we invest in ourselves, and that means buying books for his guy.

Source: SocialDiply

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