What One Might Encounter In Hotel Rooms Is Everyone's Busineess

What One Might Encounter In Hotel Rooms Is Everyone’s Business


Being a journalist and a writer, I get to travel a lot and stay in a lot of different hotel rooms throughout the year. I’ve seen more than 200 hotel rooms in my life.
Many of those were decent. The hygiene level was pretty respectable and all that I ask that my fee would include is a clean, noise-free room that I can sleep over in comfortably.
Now, rest assured that there were many a sleepless night where I had to call front desk and ask for the general manager.
There are rooms that I have seen that could be described as a travelling salesman’s personal nightmare.
Were there any leftovers from previous guests? In which shape or form I am not going to mention now, but yes, you definitely knew you were not alone with the ghosts of guests past.



I was reminded of hotel rooms because of a reddit poster’s entry I read a while ago.
Namely, he was travelling for hours and waited several more hours in the lobby to be given a room.



As soon as he walked through that door, all he wanted to do was jump head first into the bed and forget everything.



Hold it right there, buddy!


You probably have visions of housekeeping ladies being busy little bees in the mornings, changing sheets, rubbing toilets, dusting off dust off telephones and such….



Inside Edition did a little private investigation including fluorescent lights and paint stains visible only by shining a black light on the sheets. Which show up all sorts of body fluids, that we would rather not see after the event.


Source:Inside Edition

They came back the next day only to find the same sheets on the beds.


Source:Inside Edition

And this takes me back to the reddit poster I mentioned earlier. He found a note in his hotel room, reading:”If you are reading this, then house keeping did not change your sheets!”






One more time, here is a close up of the note, in case you missed it the first time around! Let is stay with you for a while! Think about it before going to bed tonight. In the clean sheets your mom washed for you.



Maybe it’s good to create a little secret community between people and leave notes as such to remind our fellow human to check in with front desk if they happen to find a message like this one!



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