The Hourglass Curator Mascara – A Screw That Actually Works!

mascara 1

This is the absolute most beautiful mascara packaging we’ve ever seen. There are three containers, each serving its own purpose, and everything is so classy, fancy and beautiful, it could almost be seen as a collector’s item. Another reason that you can put it in the collectible category, is the hefty price of $150, which, if you’re an adventurous makeup lover, shouldn’t be a problem.

So, there’s the primer (ooh), and the mascara liquid, but the magic begins with the wand. As the title suggests, it does resemble a screw, and the fact that there are no bristles enables it to reach to the root of the lashes, therefore coating the whole single lash, which is really important if you want well-coated lower lashes.

We can all agree that this may easily be the sexiest mascara on the market, but does it do the job that the price suggest it can do?

See for yourself.

Source:Wayne Goss

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