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An Englishman Finds A More Expensive Bag Of Chips Into The House Brand Multipack


Graeme Clapp, 35, from Gloucestershire, England said he was “left amazed” after he purchased a multipack of the house brand Snackrite Hoops potato chips in an Aldi store, only to discover ten packages of the more expensive Hoola Hoops chips inside.

The revelation confirms a widespread suspicion that food giants secretly produce versions of their products which supermarkets then sell cheaply under their house brands, which in turn means there is nothing to show for a higher price paid than a brand name.

“I immediately called out to my wife and asked jokingly, ‘have you put Hula Hoops in the Aldi Snackrite multipack?’ ‘No’ she replied. ‘They must have left the factory that way’,” the bemused shopper recounts the bizarre revelation.

A seven-pack of Hula Hoops costs a reported £1.60 while Clapp got his ten packages inside a Snackrite bag costing £0.99 at the budget German supermarket chain.

Further proof both products come from the same factory are the ingredient lists which are nigh on identical.

“On the packaging, the recipe and nutritional information on the back of the KP version is virtually identical to the Snackrite equivalent,” Clapp says.

According to a tweet by Martin O’Hanlon from February 2015, it is not the first time the packaging mixup has occurred.


A spokesperson for Hoola Hoops producer, KP Snacks, told The Sun:

“This looks like an unfortunate error at the packaging stage which we are investigating.”


On the 23rd of April, the Sun exclusively reported that several British household brands produce unbranded items for supermarkets, although some use different recipes.


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