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15 Household Items You Didn’t Know The Other Uses Of


You probably have a lot of items lying around the house, but would you think that they have some interesting uses other than what they’re initially meant for? I don’t think you would, but as ridiculous as that might sound, a lot of household items that you may actually be using at this moment have some uses you may not expect.

Here are 15 such items that have uses that may just surprise you

1. Chalk

Chalk is a favorite among teachers and students in detention, but did you know there are a lot of things it can be used for besides scribbling on a green board? These include cleaning up a grease stain, masking cracks in the wall, polishing up the silverware and removing rings from your collar, among others.

15 Household Items You Didn't Know The Other Uses Of 1

Source: One Good Thing By Jillee

2. Zip-lock bags

The resealable bag’s list of uses is also endless. You can use it for marinating meats, and storing miscellaneous things in them.

15 Household Items You Didn't Know The Other Uses Of 2

Source:Awesome Inventions

3. Wax paper

That handy old roll of stuff that saves your baking tray from becoming a sticky, scratchy mess can also be used to prevent messy things happening on your shelves, and it can also make the tap super shiny.


Source: Apartment Therapy

4. Vinegar

Vinegar may not smell all that nice, but it’s actually more useful than you might think. Things like washing fruit and veg and cleaning the tiles, the tap, and any other shiny surface in your home. It’s also a good insect repellant, it gets rid of rust quite effectively and it can also clean spilled candle wax.


Source:Reader’s Digest

5. Salt

Salt has a lot more uses than just making the fries you had for lunch tastier. Apparently, there are over 14,000 uses for salt other than culinary purposes, which means you no longer have to get salty if something goes bad.



6. Coffee filters

Coffee is an important part of our everyday lives, and depending on the type of coffee we drink, so are the filters. They’re also quite good for plant pots as they won’t allow the dirt to escape.


Source:Good Housekeeping

7. Petroleum jelly

This strange sounding stuff can be used for luring trout as well as shining your shoes.


Source: Wacky Uses

8. Corn starch

Corn starch is an important ingredient in cooking and baking, and it can make a lot of things thick and chewy. Surprisingly, it can also help get rid of several kinds of stains, bad sunburn and it can cure athlete’s foot.


Source: Remedies And Herbs

9. Hand lotion

Hand lotion is useful for those of us who want soft hands, but it goes beyond that. It gets rid of static in your clothes, tames your hair and it can be used instead of shaving cream.


Source: Gurl

10. Hair dryer

Apparently, it’s good at getting rid of the price tags on things, tightening up glasses when they get loose and adds some gloss to cupcakes.


Source: Instructables

11. Dryer sheets

Used in washing machines all around the world, these humble and thin guys can be used as dusting cloths, fixing up the vacuum cleaner and deodorizing shoes.

Oh, and the lady in this photo reminds me of Kris Jenner before plastic surgery.


Source: Curbly

12. Duct tape

I won’t get too much into this one. You all know you can use duct tape to fix just about anything.


Source: Reader’s Digest

13. Nail polish

In addition to making nails look nicer, nail polish is good at sealing envelopes and fixing scratches on your car. Fix your nails then fix your car? Good idea.


Source: Life Hackery

14. Rubber bands

Rubber bands are cool to play around with, but they’re quite practical too. They can be used as a wine glass marker or as an eraser. So don’t just fling them at your friends next time.


Source: Wisebread

15. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is not just good at cleaning your teeth and refreshing your breath, but it can do much more than that. De-fogging your glasses, cleaning leather, cleaning scratched DVDs, and the list goes on.

Source: news.com.au
Main image via Wisebread
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