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A Bored Hotel Guest And Houskeeping Have The Greatest Interaction Ever


There isn’t much to distinguish between different hotels, especially when one’s traveling alone on business, but one hotel guests in the Azeri capital of Baku last spring found a creative way to both have a bit of fun, as well as show their appreciation for the often-overlooked housekeeping department without which no hospitality establishment can work successfully.

By using the pillows and sheets from the bed, this guest has built an incredible rapport with a maid or two which only grew the longer the stay went on, ending in one last sweet surprise for her at the end!

1. A bored business traveler in an Azerbaijan hotel found a creative way to make their stay more fun


2. The housekeeper responded with a smiley face and things took off from there

hotel-guest-competition-housekeepers-azerbaijan-02 hotel-guest-competition-housekeepers-azerbaijan-03

3. The following day it was the guest’s turn to leave an emoji


4. The housekeeper remade the bed by leaving the smiley face intact


5. And left her own note to continue the interaction


6. The next day she was welcomed by this monster


7. Then it was the turn of a Chinese peasant to wait on the bed


8. Before the hotel version of a Greek mythological hydra popped round


9. The housekeeping department gives its thumbs up so the game can continue


10. If you thought a family car couldn’t make its way inside a hotel room, you were very much mistaken


11. The housekeeper admits the guest cheered her up and thanks them…

hotel-guest-competition-housekeepers-azerbaijan-012 hotel-guest-competition-housekeepers-azerbaijan-013

12. …only to be welcomed by a cheeky face the following morning


13. And one day she walked straight in on a man sat behind his desk, hard at work in his dressing gown


14. Such an impressive effort clearly made the housekeeper’s day as this note proves


15. And the best surprise came on the last day of the guest’s stay when the maid walked in to find this cute and thoughtful present waiting for her


Source: BoredPanda

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