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Learn How To Put On Winged Eyeliner Easily


Everybody loves to learn how to put on eyeliner. It is not simple, especially for beginners. Winged eyeliner is coveted by every girl, so we are going to give you all the right tricks of how to do it. Take a look down below and enjoy!

Use tape as a stencil.

So, it is easier if you start doing your eyeliner first by simply using a piece of Scotch tape. You can press the strip to make it less tacky. After you do that, place it diagonally from the corner of your eye outside the end of your brow.

Create your uptick.

We know that the liquid liner delivers a crisp finish that won’t ever budge. Glide the tip along your lashes to about half an inch past the corner by tracing along the tape’s edge. You have to let it dry for 30 seconds and then you can remove the tape.

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