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An Easy Way To Do A Bow Bun

Bow Bun

We bring you a hairstyle that is going to be perfect for any proms, birthday parties and fancy dances you might be attending this year: the bow bun.

The bow bun is extraordinarily elegant and will match perfectly with your less casual dresses. The Cute Girls Hairstyles tutorial you will find below is neatly done, easy to follow and will de-mistify this seemingly difficult hairstyle.

We’ve singled some important steps out for you.

Section off a piece of hair to one side – make sure it’s neither too much, nor too little hair. This is going to be the bow later in the process.

Bow Bun 1

Slide a donut-maker over the rest of the hair. Make sure the hair falls over it equally on all sides, then comb the hair.

Bow Bun 2

Take another elastic and flip it over the donut so it hugs the bun. Make sure the bun is symmetric.

Bow Bun 3

Start twisting the hair and adding it around the bun until you don’t have any left. When you get to the end of the twist, bobby-pin it.

Bow Bun 4

Create a loop in the bow using a little elastic.

Bow Bun 5

Once you have a double bow you can shape it and tweak it as you wish.

Bow Bun 6

You may tuck the loose hair in the bun and pin it with a bobby pin.

Bow Bun 7

And you are done! Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Bow Bun 8

Check out the full video below for the magic inbetween the steps.

Source:Cute Girls Hairstyles

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