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An Easy Way To Make A Ruffle Cake

Ruffle cake

There is something just adorable about ruffle cakes. The romantic feelings they evoke are perhaps associated with all those wedding cakes we’ve seen, but in any case, the ruffle decoration is a universal finishing touch for any cake.

And judging by this video, it’s much easier to do than it may seem.


Vanessa and her channel Cake Style are renowned for creative and stylish cake recipes, and this one is no different. Vanessa saw some tips on Instagram and that got the ball rolling. The result is an adorable pink cake, perfect for any occasion.

Let’s make us some ruffle cake, people!

Check out Vanessa’s Youtube channel to find out some of the most original cakes and cake decorations out there. You will also find recipes for cupcakes, whipped cream, pancakes, cookie sandwiches and much, much more.

Source:Cake Style

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