How to Tightline Eyes


According to Los Angeles-based makeup artist, Jason Sanchez tightlining eyes “is to make your eyelashes appear thicker and fuller.” Also known as invisible eyeliner, it adds subtle definition to your eyes by focusing on the upper waterline.


Preparing your eyes for tightlining


Wash your hands before you  touch your face, but especially your eyes, as its very easy to transfer dirt from your fingers to your eyes.

The product


While you can use other products, we recommend a using a plastic twist up eyeliner, which is waterproof and as close to your eyelash colour as possible. The effect should be subtle.

Also use your own eyeliner, borrowing or sharing can increase the risk of infection.

The Right Angle


Tilt your head back and raise your eyelid with your finger and hold in place, use a cue tip to hold your lashes back. Look down while keeping your upper waterline exposed.



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