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Hugh Jackman’s facial hair evolution


The 47-year-old  Australian in Hollywood has captured many hearts. We have seen numerous faces of Hugh Jackman. During the years he  played in different movies and changed his appearance.  We all remember his Wolverine facial hair in theMarvel Comics’ X-Men. But he had some more attractive appearances. What do you think , which one was the best ?

1999: Fresh looking face

He indeed looked younger than 31 with his clean-shaven appearance during the beginning of his career.


2000: A Wolverine with Mutton Chops,

Hugh reintroduced to the audience the Mutton Chops with his role in the X-Men when he was 32 years old. This men’s signature of the 19 century got a slightly new shape to fit better with Hugh’s role.


2009: Suave Stubble

Do you think that this was his best appearance? Isn’t he handsome?  He looks like a real hearts thief  with his   medium-length hair and five o’clock shadow beard.


2012: Scraggly Scruff

He didn’t shaved after five a clock. He continued growing his beard instead, and several years later he had more fully beard on his face and down his neck.


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