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Hula-Hooper Cuts Off His 10-Inch Locks And Donates Them To Charity


This guy is a legend, guys. He really is.

You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about, or indeed, who the heck am I talking about. Well, I’m talking about a really cool guy called Jon Coyne. He’s the founder of Hoopsmiles, a company that aims to put smiles on people’s faces through hula hooping. He also makes the hula hoops themselves and posts tutorials on YouTube on how to dance with a hula hoop, and in general just having some fun. His videos are very entertaining, and I suggest you give them a watch, but one of the major things about Jon here is how charitable he is.

In October 2014, he had grown his hair into massive locks, and after he did, he decided to cut (most of) it off and donate it to charity.

He sent off his then 10-inch+ long locks to Locks of Love, and they were cut off by the Gary Manuel Studio in Seattle, Washington.

charity haircut

The best part about this place? Haircuts are free for people who want to donate their hair.

And of course, since Mr. Jon is the founder of Hoopsmiles, the cutting process didn’t go through without a little bit of hooping along with waving around his luscious hair before they were cut off.

When his locks were cut off, a lot of the commenters claim that he looks different, but still handsome nevertheless. He didn’t exactly cut his hair completely to the point where he had none, he still left a little bit of it on, but he looks totally different.

This guy has completely changed the sport of hula-hooping for me. He shows that it’s not only totally fine for guys to hula-hoop, but also helps out kids around the world through the donation of his hair and inspiring other people to do the same. What a legend!

Check out the video below to watch him hula-hoop before his hair got cut off.

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