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Human Ken Doll Shows Off $29,000 Worth Abs

Human Ken Doll

You may have heard of Rodrigo Alvez, or “The Human Ken Doll” by now. He has made it his life’s mission to become the “perfect man”. He has spent over $500,000 on correctional surgeries so far, and has basically become unidentifiable.


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Rodrigo has undergone more than 50 plastic surgeries and more than 100 cosmetic procedures to achieve his goal. He started this trend when he was 19 years of age. The list of procedures he has undergone is astonishing:

“I have had a hair implant, a brow lift, eye lifts, my ears pinned back, cheeks redesigned, my jawline shaped, I’ve had cheek implants twice, the sides if my lips cut out in order to give me a bigger wider smile. I have had fillers injected into my shoulders, biceps, triceps, my abs – my six pack is purely plastic surgery.”

Not so long ago he was spotted during a makeup shopping spree in Los Angeles, where he even flashed his $29,000 surgically-improved abs for the cameras.


He had his 59th surgery completed this month. It was a rather painful eight-hour long hair transplant procedure. His hairline was left covered in blood after the $25,000 procedure.

He told to Mail Online:

“There is a saying which states that blondes have more fun. Since going blonde I have got lots of attention from guys and girls, but after bleaching my hair I started to lose it from my hair line.

“I guess that it happens with most people when they bleach their hair but being myself, I always try to find a quick fix.”

“I flew to Los Angeles to have 3000 grafts of implants alongside a high dose of stem cells and PRP injections.”

That’s only adding to the $4,000 liposuction to his jaw and the $13,000 pectoral implants, which isn’t even going to be the end of his body augmentation.”I had a consultation to remove 6 of my ribs, which shall be happening soon,” he said. “I love to express myself with tailored outfits and I would like to have more of a classic figure.”

After he encountered some trouble at the Dubai airport for failing to match his passport photo he reported that the situation made him “think a lot and made me analyze myself and the decisions I’ve made in the past. So from now on it will be constant maintenance,” he added.

Rodrigo plans to keep up with the trend of constantly changing his outer appearance for the rest of his life.

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