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Human Body Part Jewelry Is Now A Thing


When it comes to fashion there is not such a thing as too much. Okay, there is, but what do we do when more weird and wacky fashion trends continue to show up? For now, we have to be satisfied with this line of jewelry inspired by – human body parts. You read that right. Human body parts. Everything your outfit was missing to be perfect. Berlin-based jewelry designer Nadja Buttendorf has created everything from silicon “ear” earrings to “finger” rings that come in a wide variety of skin tones. This woman is way ahead of her time.

Keep reading if to see the photos of this bizarre new jewelry trend. Maybe some of them will get your attention.

Why would you have two ears when you can have four? Who wouldn’t want that. People will think of you as an edgy trendsetter. Or something.


Source: Nadja Buttendorf

Did you always wanted to have a piercing on your ear? Why not get an extra ear that  has already been pierced. You’ll save yourself from all the pain. Plus, it will look super cool.


Source: Nadja Buttendorf

Don’t worry, the earrings come in a variety of skin tones, so everyone can be part of this trend. How considerate.


Source: Nadja Buttendorf

Don’t stop there. Get yourself and extra finger. It will definitely get people’s attention.


Source: Nadja Buttendorf

How creepy does it look, though? Don’t forget to paint the nail!


Source: Nadja Buttendorf


But, why?

Source: We Heart It
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