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A Prankster Often Accused Of Crassness Is More Humane Than One Might Think


Ryan Hamilton is at it again! The popular YouTube prankster is known for creating unusual, sometimes even painstakingly awkward but popular video content, and this time he and his girlfriend have found a weird way to liven things up in a boring supermarket.

The creator of the Hammy TV Youtube channel strikes again with a reboot of his ‘vibrating panties’ challenge after the first one rocketed to viral stardom.

Check out the most recent challenge reach a climatic end in a WalMart store below.


The first installment saw Ryan and his girlfriend, Jen, who supposedly forgot she was wearing the unusual underwear garment venturing out for dinner with Hamilton’s mother.

This time, Hamilton took things public as he challenged his girlfriend not to react to the sex toy in her jeans while she was strolling between the aisles of WalMart.

Hamilton tries to make Jen climax by controlling the switch to her vibrating underwear, but she managed to endure the challenge stoically.


As expected, the video proved extremely controversial, which surely is the exact goal Ryan was going for. Reactions range from those who find Jen to be ‘perfect wife material’ to those who are disgusted by men objectifying their girlfriend’s sexuality for the sake of internet popularity. With over 1.8 million views in less than two weeks, though, Hammy TV is unlikely to mind.

While Hamilton is mostly known for prank videos, there is another more humane dimension to his vlogging. Back in 2015, he was testing people’s kindness by staging a social experiment during which he pretended to be stuck roadside while changing a flat tire.

Astonishingly, the only person to stop and help him after two hours of waiting was a man who had lost everything in a fire which left him in a coma from which he barely recovered. The man, named Eric, had suffered burns on 54% of his body and needed medication, physical therapy and a wheelchair to function, but still was the only one who did not hesitate to stop and offer assistance.

Source: DailyMail

As a thank you, Hamilton then promoted Eric’s GoFundMe page which had been set up to pay for his treatment. Prior to that, the fundraising page had raised just $800 in three months. After Hamilton shared the video of Eric’s touching gesture and his story, that number had jumped to more than $140,000 in only three days.


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