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Humans Once Believed These Seven Animals Actually Existed


It’s hard to believe, but there were people who claimed that the Earth was round in the distant past. But what if I told you that people believed that unicorns existed, too? There is no doubt that human beings are creative, but you can’t imagine what we had to go through in history to realize that some things were totally wrong. In the past, people believed that many animals existed when, in fact, they don’t. Was it lack of facts or vivid imaginations? Who knows? It’s interesting to note how our opinions and beliefs have evolved and changed over the years.

Here are some mythical animals that were believed to have existed.

1. Unicorn


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The majestic unicorn makes¬†its appearance in the Bible, and a number of other places throughout history. Roman historians also believed in the existence of these creatures. While we all like to hear stories about their existence, they never did according to science. They are still adorable, aren’t they?

2. Bonnacon


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You may find this hard to believe, but at one point, people believed in the existence of the Bonnacon. This mystical bull-ish creature had the mane of a horse, the body of a bull, and used its poop as a weapon! Incredible, right? So hard to believe, though! This fictitious creature was once said to shoot acidic feces over 600 meters towards enemies. Sounds like an interesting story, and that’s what it really is.

3. Vegetable lamb


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The story of the vegetable lamb began in the Middle Age when Rabbi Yohanan of Jerusalem popularized the myth. This was a special lamb who was grown as a plant, actually. And, yes, people used to believe in this story.

4. Aspidochelone


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The Aspidochelone was a large animal that its back even looked like an entire island. The stories of this creature were first seen in Christian and medieval text. This sea creature was, of course, never found for real.

5. Jackalope


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This is probably the most believable of all these mythical creatures. Stories of this horned rabbit go back all the way to the 17th century. Also, there were a couple of reported sightings throughout the centuries.

6. De Loys’ Ape


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This gigantic ape was actually a great hoax. If it wasn’t like that, our planet would be at risk of a Planet of the Apes take-over.

7. Dragons


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Sorry Game of Thrones fans, but dragons didn’t really exist, luckily for all humans.

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