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These Before & After Pictures Of Houston Show The Real Damage Hurricane Harvey Has Made


When Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 26th, the whole nation’s eyes were on Texas. We all gathered around to pray and donate for the victims who were about to be affected in the Lone Star State. Recently we had the chance to see different clips and videos that allowed us to get a glimpse of the damages that the fierce winds and flooding caused throughout the area.




The damage is surreal and the water levels are now to a point where no one could ever have imagined. While more and more pictures are circulating over the internet in the wake of the devastation that this storm caused, we can’t help but try to do our best to pick our jaws up off the floor. Now, the waters have reached the top of road signs on the I-160.


A whopping 650 billion gallons of precipitation were poured onto the city overnight, according to flood control experts in the region. Much of the city was forced to evacuate due to the water’s rapid rise.



Seeing these areas underwater is so heartbreaking and these before and after images illustrate the true effects of this disaster on the local citizens.


Unfortunately, rivers are continuing to rise and experts say that there is more flooding to come. Texas is expecting to receive rainfall through the week and some of the areas might receive at least five feet of rainfall.



If you are in the vicinity you are urged to make your way to the roof until help arrives if the highest floors are no longer safe.

If you need help pick up the phone and contact 911 and remain on the line until your questions are answered.


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