Her Husband Blindfolded Her To Surprise Her But Instead The Whole Family Was Surprised


Certain foods just won’t sit well with us, but they’re so great, we keep reaching for them. Yes, for a few minutes you’ll enjoy the rich taste of the meal, but what it does to our body is something we rarely like to think about.

The amount of work that it takes for food to pass through our body determines how long it takes to get broken down. No indigestion remedy can do the job 100%, so we need to be careful and know what works and what doesn’t work for our bodies to avoid discomfort, or even embarrassing situations. You don’t want to become that one friend who had “that unpleasant episode all those years ago.” When you think about it, no food is worth having an episode of of such unwanted proportions.

In our story, it was Amber’s birthday, and she wanted to have a tasty meal, because you’re supposed to be allowed to eat whatever you want on your birthday, right?





So, she had burritos for lunch. With all the extra hot sauce, the rich cheese and the outrageously greasy ground beef.



She got home, with a queazy feeling in her stomach, with the intention to lie down, but her husband waited for her and told her he had something to show her.



And this ‘showing thing’ required for her to be blindfolded, because it was supposed to be a surprise.

They would, usually go to dinner to celebrate her special day, but this time, he said he had planned a quiet, romantic dinner.



Source:Steve McFarland

But Amber could not get let herself take a single bite. She just needed an excuse to go to the bathroom.


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