Husband Got Caught Cheating From An “Innocent” Instagram Picture

Cheating is unacceptable when it comes to a couple. Actually, cheating is bad – period and it’s the reason why a woman in Russia left her husband – she discovered that he was cheating on her with another woman via Instagram.

While in a serious relationship, it is very important to stay faithful and resist external attractions. But if you can’t help it and you don’t care that much about the relationship, at least have the decency to leave.


In this case, Yulia Agranovysh, while scrolling on her Instagram timeline, found out that her husband is cheating on her.

Speaking to Russian news network Ren-TV, as reported by the Independent, Agranovych said:

“I wasn’t searching for anything, it was a normal morning.”

When she came across an account owned by Vlada Abramovich, she noticed that she was followed by some mutual friends. So, Agranovych went into the account and realized that they share more than just a social circle. In a photo of Vlada, she notices a picture of a city view from her own bedroom window.

The only question was:” How did this photo end into another girl’s account?”


Instead of losing her manner, she commented on the picture:

“Beautiful view from my husband’s bedroom.”

The cheating couple tried to deny that anything was going on. Her husband, Nazar Grynko, insisted that Vlada was not his mistress but a friend’s girlfriend that he invited for a drink before going to see a movie with them.

However she replied to him saying:

“When the guests came, they would have headed to the kitchen to drink tea – not to the bedroom.”

Nazar had no choice but to say: “I messed up, I’m sorry”.

As for Vlada, she said:

“She is his wife, not mine, what’s the problem? Is he just a vegetable without free will? Don’t make me laugh.”

As fun as it may be, Instagram can also be mine field


Then, Nazar had no choice but to admit that he was cheating on his wife. He claimed that he was never “mentally unfaithful” to his wife and told all the girls that he was married. But that doesn’t make anything okay.

Agranovych confronted other women her ex-husband was sleeping around.


According to her:

“The other girls were much more pleasant, one even crying on the phone to me, saying she had no idea he was married.

Yulia Agranovych admitted that the only option for her is a divorce.

“If he finds a woman who is ready to be with him, and to accept it, let them be happy together.”

She is happy that she found out now before starting a family together with him.

Source: Unilad