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Husband’s Heartwarming Post Announcing His Partner’s Death After Giving Birth Goes Viral


Having a baby is a tough decision for a couple to make, as even though it’s an amazing thing, it takes quite a bit of mental and physical preparation. No matter how hard you try to stay healthy to it and how much you carry out, sometimes, complications are unavoidable. And sometimes, the complications are so severe, it can actually lead to death, and Sarah Bertrand is an unfortunate example of those rare cases.

Husband's Heartwarming Post Announcing His Partner's Death After Giving Birth Goes Viral 1

The 29-year-old was experiencing the happiest day of her life on May 9th, when she was giving birth to her and her partner Jon Luc Montou’s son Julian.

Husband's Heartwarming Post Announcing His Partner's Death After Giving Birth Goes Viral 2

Montou told TODAY: “Afterward, she just silently dropped tears of joy and happiness. She loved Julian so much.” But then something tragic happened.


According to TODAY News, just 24 hours after giving birth to their son, Bertrand died in her hospital room.


Montou also reported to TODAY that Sarah was complaining about a seizure and headache shortly before passing away.


He said: “Once the symptoms start showing, it’s already begun. I remember thinking it would be OK because we were in a hospital. I knew it was serious.”


The couple was waiting to be released from the hospital to announce the birth of their boy. They wanted to post a few photos of their baby on social media.


Once Sarah had died, Montou wrote a heartbreaking news post on social media reporting that Julian is alive and well, but Sarah hadn’t made it through.


“Sarah didn’t make it. My last 24 hours with her were the happiest I’d ever been. Please take a few moments to remember this woman.” Montou wrote in the post, which has since then gone viral.


Montou has a 3-year-old daughter from a previous marriage. He said that “Sarah was there for me when I was having a hard time as a single father.”


She was absolutely dedicated to being the best mother, so much so that she quit her job to become a stay-at-home mother while Montou worked.


You’d think that with today’s technology, maternal deaths are less common. But an in-depth report in the U.S. shows that some 700-900 women die from pregnancy every year.

In fact, according to ProPublica and NPR, the U.S. has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the developed world, placing 136th among the 184 countries ranked overall.


Montou reported that he will tell Julian as he grows older that “becoming a mother gave Bertrand the strength to face her issues with anxiety”.

He continued noting: “Julian was her purpose. I’ll tell him that he’s not just her son, he’s her legacy.” He also noted that he’ll tell Julian she needed a rest from this life.


He was comforted by the fact that his post became famous worldwide.


Thoughts and prayers.


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