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This Couple Divorced After 19 Years, Then Husband Sends Ex-Wife A Note About Their Marriage


For sure ending a marriage is not easy for anyone, but sometimes it’s an inevitable part of life. It’s incredibly difficult for the couples for various reasons. Apparently, relationships often come to an end for the best. While divorces are traumatic for the partners involved, they can be particularly heartbreaking for the children.

One Texas teenager decided to share her parents divorce on social media. Morgan Lynn’s parents decided to end their relationship after 19 years of marriage. While the reason for the divorce wasn’t mentioned, it almost doesn’t matter, given how the family is handling it.

Lynn didn’t tweet to rant about her parents or to choose a side. On the contrary, she shared what happened on the very day the divorce was finalized. When she shared two simple photos online, the story, went viral in no time, because the story is about true love.

“I believe that everyone is seeing true love through this tweet,” Lynn told Buzzfeed.


Source:Twitter / Morgan Lynn

17-year-old Morgan Lynn, from Texas, tweeted a very personal story on social media. The teen told the world that her parents were getting divorced after 19 years of marriage.


Source:Twitter / Morgan Lynn

“My parents, after 19 years of being married, were going through a divorce… and it got finalized today,” Lynn wrote on Twitter.

But there was an unexpected twist.


Source:Twitter / Morgan Lynn

“My dad sent my mom her favorite flowers,” she added. But here was also a note with a simple message that put everything in perspective.


Source:Twitter / Morgan Lynn

“Always gonna be you,” Jason wrote to his now ex-wife.


Source:Twitter / Morgan Lynn

“He used to send her flowers when she was having a bad day… and to know that, even after today, he still did it — breaks my heart,” Lynn wrote.


Source:Twitter / Morgan Lynn

With her Twitter message, Lynn looked up to her parent’s relationship as the kind of relationship she hoped to have.

Her story showed that that people can change, relationships will end, but that doesn’t mean that any love has to be lost.


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