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Husband And Wife To-Be Discover Fateful Connection From 16 Years Before


Some will call it coincidence, some will call it destiny, but this randomly-discovered connection is certainly simultaneously chilling and heartwarming.

When soon-to-be husband and wife Zhang Hedong, and Lu Yiqin, respectively 30 and 25 at the time, were going through some of their childhood photos before their 2016 wedding in the Chinese city of Jiaxing, they had the most extraordinary discovery. The couple was selecting photos from various times in their lives a week before they were about to be married, to be projected on a big screen during the upcoming wedding.

Sixteen years earlier, Zhang had visited the Giant Buddha on Ling Mountain in the Wuxi Province, and was joking with his wife-to-be about how handsome he used to look like at 14, when she suddenly shrieked in shock.

An incredible connection indeed

She insisted her mother was in the background of the photograph.



Lu’s mother was at their apartment at the time and she quickly confirmed that it was indeed her lurking in the background. The family had taken a trip to the famous tourist spot as part of the 2000 Chinese New Year celebrations and were visiting the Giant Buddha on the same day.

As further proof, both families have kept the bus tickets from the said trip and when they compared them, not only the dates matched but they discovered they had taken the same bus!

When speaking with the Hangzhou Daily, Lu Yiqin summed it up perfectly:

“My husband said, ‘Although we didn’t know each other then, the skies must’ve planned this for us 16 years ahead of time.’ With this incredible story, we’ll cherish our love even more.”


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