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Two Husbands Tried Labor Pain Simulators And They End Up Crying From Pain


For those who will never experience the pain of giving birth and being in labor, whether they are women or men, it is hard to describe the real pain. It often happens that men or women who haven’t given birth, complain about the labor pain being exaggerated to a point of drama. A group of men actually tried to convince themselves that women were exaggerating the pain by putting themselves in their shoes. Two husbands volunteered to have themselves hooked up to labor pain simulators, but what do you think happened in the end?


“It feels like someone is taking a saw and just carving up my abdomen,” said one of them.


He is so blissfully unaware that he is only experiencing early labor pains. In the beginning, they start laughing and remember they have to concentrate on breathing and making a few jokes. But, they are still convinced they can handle this well.


When “active” labor commenced, the two men, who had chosen Mother’s Day to make their macho statement, start writhing with uncontrollable pain. This goes on as one of them warns that he’s about to vomit.


These two brave men were not alone in the process. Ironically, they had their wives during their “labor”, but this support turned into laughter and jokes as they went through the process.


“That sucked,” said one of them during his postpartum phase.


“That was horrible. Mom, if anything that I just experienced is anywhere close to what I did to you all those years ago, I’m sorry, you’re like a superhero. You’re one tough momma.”

The other man added that it felt like he was really having a baby.

You can watch the whole video here and see how disappointed they are in the end:

Source: How Do We Get Pregnant?
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