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The Ingredients Behind A Perfect Foundation? Baby Powder And Ice-Cold Water!


Legend has it that famous American actress Joan Crawford used to dip her face in ice-cold water in order to keep her skin looking tight and to shrink the pores, thus maintaining her youthful looks as long as possible. These days, submerging your face in ice water has been taken to the next level.

A recent Korean beauty trend has made its way to the United States and is now spreading all around the globe. Makeup lovers are now turning the ice facial morning routine from a purely skin-care procedure to a method of achieving that coveted flawless foundation.

Vlogger Nicole Skyes has tested the method in order to find out whether all the hype was justified and shared her results. Not only was Skyes impressed with the effects of the ice facial on her skin, she believed her makeup had never looked better.

All you really need in order to achieve a perfect foundation using an ice facial is a little bit of baby powder and, of course, the courage to fearlessly dip your face in freezing cold water.

ice 1

First, apply the foundation and makeup as you normally would. Then, cover your face with a thick layer of baby powder. Finally, submerge your face in the water.

ice 2

Then, gently pat your face dry with a towel; do not wipe as this will smudge your makeup. You will be amazed to find that the baby powder has been dissolved, but your makeup should be perfectly intact. If you have done everything correctly, there shouldn’t even be any makeup residue on your towel.

Check out Nicole Skye’s test and see for yourself how the experiment turned out.



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