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12 Truths You Can Relate To You If Own A Lot Of Makeup


Makeup obsession is real. Some people cannot imagine their days without putting a little bit of makeup. But, whatever makes people happy, it is good if they know how to balance it. Makeup lovers are everywhere. Maybe you are one of them, reading this right now. If you really are a makeup junkie, you probably own tons of it at home. Thus, you have lipsticks, glosses, powder and concealers, and those are just a small portion of your makeup collection. However, no matter how much you buy, you always think you need more! How about if you really had it all? Take a look at the ideas we have for you below.

1. Future goals. Almost there.


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2. When you’re too busy spending all of your time trying out your many makeup products.


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3. One Mac lipstick is never enough.


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4. The hardest question for all the makeup lovers out there.


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5. Next, you are most surely trying not to waste any makeup, although you have plenty.


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6. All you can think about is how to enrich your makeup collection.


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7. This is what my room pretty much looks like when I have an event to go to.


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8. You take pride in how much your makeup collection has grown.


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9. Also, that feeling when you have tons of highlighters!


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10. Moreover, nude lipsticks do have different shades. And you’ve tried them all!

You probably have at least 15.


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11. You’ve got to love both styles!


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12. Finally, you know you will never learn from the past.


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