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These Twins Hated Their Amazing Natural Hair, But They’re Embracing It Now


Meet identical twins TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann. These two turn heads wherever they go, because of their amazing natural hair.

A long time ago, they hated their hair, but now, they’re using it to their advantage. Along with their friend Nikisha Brunson, they started the Urban Bush Babes site, a place where women can feel comfortable to be themselves.

They grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, but they have lived in New York for nearly a decade now, and they have both been part of big things. TK Wonder has collaborated with critically acclaimed electronica-ethnic Macedonian musician and composer Kiril Djaikovski on several of his singles.

In the beginning, the two sisters hated their natural hair, but then they decided to just… go with it.

“My hair was a big concern for the majority of my jobs. They either wanted me to straighten it or turn it into a looser curl, because I have afro-texture hair. As a model, I understand that you’re supposed to be a canvas for the client to create the look that they think is beautiful and will sell, but I had to go home looking that way at night and it was really impacting my self-esteem. I just didn’t feel that it was right, so I decided that I needed to get out of that business.” Cipriana told Into The Gloss.

Now, with their Urban Bush Babes blog, they are encouraging more and more women to not feel ashamed of their natural hair.

As you can see here, their hair is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before

These Identical Twins Hated Their Amazing Natural Hair, But They're Embracing It Now 1

Some of you may be jealous, others might say “That looks like a lot of work” and you’d be right

These Identical Twins Hated Their Amazing Natural Hair, But They're Embracing It Now 2

When asked about her hair routine, Ciprianna told “My hair continually stays in loose twists no matter what the style, so I will take down my loose twists at night from whatever style I am wearing at the moment and braid it into six or seven large braids or Bantu knots, placing a little extra-virgin coconut and olive oil on the strands as I braid. Then I wrap it with a silk scarf. In the morning it just consists of undoing my nighttime routine and placing back into my updo style. ”


“I was beginning to actually hate my hair and seeing it as a huge obstacle,” Cipriana said


“I didn’t have any creative freedom or creative control”


“So I quit modeling and decided to grow my hair natural again”


Instead of just going the normal route and straightening their hair, the girls decided to just grow it out naturally


Eventually, they became recognized as queens of natural hair


It’s easy to see why, if we’re being honest


When asked who their inspiration was, the girls proudly give the prize to their mother


“Thriving in a non-traditional environment as my norm, with a woman who was not only a constant in my life as an amazing mother and wife, but student while working in the corporate force field. She was simply an individual who I aspired to be in every way possible, I just didn’t comprehend how her physical image would shape my own standard of beauty and eventually bring me back full circle.

I asked my mother years later why she even wanted a leisure curl and she said without hesitation it was just a recommendation by her trusted stylist at the time as a more “safer” chemical option for more “manageable” hair. We now know this couldn’t be further from the truth but she never once thought about appearance and the impact it may have on her daughters, but more on functionality and saving time, especially dealing with her lifestyle and two daughters with a mountain of natural hair.” Cipriana told


“I think it came to a point where it was derogatory toward people who wore their hair natural,” TK Wonder said


“There was a certain stigma around people who wore their hair natural or in an afro”


“It was about breaking down stereotypes and derogatory perceptions that people had about natural hair”


Even though they hated their natural hairs at the start, Cipriana and TK are doing everything with passion аnd confidence, and that’s the way it should be.



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