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Cook This Page: IKEA’s New Promotional Tool That Claims Everyone Is Already A Great Chef


Simplicity is one of the words that encapsulate what Swedish furniture giants IKEA are all about. The retailer has turned the furniture business on its head over the past 75 years before steadily expanding their business into other areas where their philosophies have been successfully applied. Now, having teamed up with Toronto-based marketing company Leo Burnett, the Canadian branch of the furniture tycoon has come up with a brilliant marketing ploy which taps into another aspect of business many customers love their stores for: preparing food.

The result is a promotional cookbook called Cook This Page, a smart set of illustrated recipes that was designed as a promotional tool for a recent IKEA Canada kitchen event. On each page, ingredients are printed on parchment paper using food-safe ink, and all the aspiring chef needs to do is fill in the blanks with actual produce. Once everything is ready, the page is rolled and tossed in the oven.

Many are delighted and feel the idea is symbolic of the way in which IKEA busted the myth that one has to know carpentry to build their own furniture; unskilled cooks see Cook This Page as a similar challenge to the notion that preparing healthy, tasty meals takes a lot of time, skills and knowledge. Others, still, consider the idea no more than fast food cleverly (and patronizingly) disguised by corporate bosses and marketing gurus.


Ravioli with Swedish meatballs, a Scandinavian take on the classic from the Apennines


Avoid the embarrassment of having one oregano leaf too many in your dinner


Some Youtube users have found the idea patronizing and unintelligent, while others praise its simple brilliance


The general idea is to greatly reduce the time and effort involved in the preparation while minimizing the chance of failure


It is claimed even a beginner can now make classy meals such as salmon with lemon and herbs


Each recipe features an Ikea ingredient such as Swedish meatballs or frozen salmon


Overusing the powdered ingredients is not an issue here


Cook This Page was a promotional item for a recent IKEA Kitchen Event in Canada and is sadly not yet available in stores


Cocktail party shrimp is one of the recipes


In the promotional video the idea behind Cook This Page is explained: “When it comes to cooking, most people are hesitant to break from routine…”


“…They find new recipes and foods to be intimidating. Ikea wanted to show people that getting creative can be deliciously simple.”


IKEA has vowed to put an end to food intimidation in the world by 2020


Check the promotional video below and decide for yourself whether Cook This Page is just a great promotional tool or a truly inspirational idea that will bring better and tastier meals to thousands.

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