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Illusionist Completely Blows Away Everyone On Britain’s Got Talent

Illusionist Completely Blows Away Everyone On Britain's Got Talent 1

I don’t know about you, but watching magic makes my brain hurt. You see the trick happen and immediately millions of questions pop up in your head. And that still stayed very much true when I saw this. Other people liked it though.

Back in April, on Britain’s Got Talent, illusionist Josephine Lee completely blew the audience and the judges away, to the point of getting a standing ovation.

Josephine Lee shocked Simon Cowell and co during her audition which involved lots of floating balloons, which seemingly glided across the stage without her touching them.

She then blew the minds of viewers by getting inside the crate and disappearing, only to reappear under a sheet, which was floating several feet away.

The 29-year-old came out on stage, introduced herself to the judges and jumped straight into the action. I won’t spoil the tricks, but I’ll just tell you that the audience looked on in shock and awe.


Twitter openly expressed their opinions on the incredible act.


— Kaine Ward (@KaineWard) April 29, 2017

Some tried to figure out how she could have pulled off the trick, with a common theme being that Josephine is a twin.

Or that she has a lookalike who dropped into the box, because the camera doesn’t actually show her face.

The comments on the video itself also tell the story quite well

“all she did is make a contract with an entity to do supernatural things while she frolics around stage anyone can attain this power its just risky businesses” said one comment

“Mind Blowing! Josephine Lee, wishing you All the best <3” said another.

Were you blown away by Josephine’s skills? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Britain’s Got Talent

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