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These Illustrations Showing Father-And-Daughter Bond Will Melt Your Heart


The father-and-daughter bond is without a doubt – magical. The feeling is a special kind of heart-warming, when you’re lucky enough to encounter a duo of this kind on the street.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have a loving, caring father. Such is the case with Snezhana Soosh, a Ukranian artist, whose father didn’t have a way to express love and was cold and distant as some people simply are. She knew deep inside, that this bond can be magical, so she expressed that relationship she wanted through a series of amazing illustrations.

 1. Afternoon nap – It is the warmest in his embrace


Source: Instagram | @vskafandre

2. Taking washing day seriously – Dads have such great imagination!


Source: Instagram | @vskafandre

3. Walking high above the world – Since she was a little baby, he’s been showing her the beauties of the big world



Source: Instagram | @vskafandre

4. Sleep, my little one. I am here – Dads will most often play Superman to protect you from all the monsters out there!


Source: Instagram | @vskafandre

5. Dads will try to do your hair too.



Source: Instagram | @vskafandre

6. Stay by me – “Sometimes she falls asleep holding on to my hand, I don’t remove it. Those nights my back hurts but my heart is blooming.”


Source: Instagram | @vskafandre

7. Hoola hoop – It does work, doesn’t it, dad?


Source: Instagram | @vskafandre

8. Big moose, little moose – Dad will teach you anything you need to know


Source: Instagram | @vskafandre

9. Baggage overweight – saying goodbye is the hardest!


Source: Instagram | @vskafandre

10. Logic games – the real challenge


Source: Instagram | @vskafandre

11. You’ve got to love puppet theater – you will see her prettiest smile!


Source: Instagram | @vskafandre

12. Tea time


13. Bed, king size – parents know what we’re talking about.t

Source: Instagram | @vskafandre

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