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Important Things You Should Know About Your Blood Type

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Blood type plays an important role in our bodies. There are four blood types: A, B, AB, O and it develops while we are still in the womb. Each of the blood types have their own unique characteristics. It can affect weight loss, certain diseases and even your personality. You can plan adequate nutrition when you know the characteristics of your blood type. This knowledge can improve your health.


Blood type and nutrition

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During the day, chemical reactions happen in our bodies and the blood type can be crucial when it comes to digestion or weight loss. It is recommended that people with blood type 0 consume high protein nutrition like meat and fish. Blood type A does not require meat consumption at all. Vegetables are a lot more suitable for them. People with blood type need to avoid chicken meat and consume red meat more. Group AB will benefit from sea food and lean meat. Keep these in mind.

Blood type and diseases

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Every blood type is different, this is why every blood group is resistant to one type of disease. So, if you know the characteristics of your blood type then you can prevent specific diseases.

Blood type and personality


Blood type affects your personality, for example people with blood type 0 are considered as extraverts, confident and creative. People with group A are very trustworthy while people with blood type B are strong and focused on their goals. The blood type AB are shy and take care of others.

Blood type and pregnancy

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It has been proven that women with a specific blood type have bigger chances of getting pregnant. Women with AB blood type produce less stimulating hormone which helps women to conceive more easily.

Blood type and stress susceptibility


Blood type A produces more Cortisol-stress hormone but if you have met someone who easily gets furious, it is probably someone with blood type O. They also have a higher level of adrenaline.

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