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15 Inappropriate Images In Kids Books That Prove They’re Not That Innocent…


The last thing in the world that would ever want to show something NSFW is a children’s book or coloring book. They’re designed for young children, so naturally you’d assume that none of them have any… inappropriate content in them.

But these people read between the lines of these particular children’s books, and found out that the above written statement isn’t always true. Some of these sentences will really make you look at them in complete disbelief.

1. The face says it all

Going Downtown

2. That’s not the nicest statement in the world to say

I don’t know where they got that from, since there are people whom that’s literally their job.

Old People

3. So are they going to buy ham or are they going to buy the butcher?

Еxcept for the chicken and the steak, did the pig literally chop up his family and open a butcher’s shop? It’s kinda scary.

The Town Butcher

4. I’m sorry, what?

Slow Poison

5. Oh, Teddy, you were always a wild old one weren’t you?

Mr. Bear

6. The dangers of the park

7. If I was this kid I don’t think I’ll ever touch this book again

Pucker Up

8. Was it Xanax?

A Little Pill

9. I don’t think this is what actually happens after sniffing this stuf

Ether Trip

10. Well… that’s very obviously not for kids, is it?

Gender Differences

11. Is this the name of a… compilation of you know what?

Тhat’s what it sounds like.

Pesky Puppies

12. His farts are more powerful than his feet!

Big Rip

13. That’s not the best image of hobos

The Homeless

14. Wow, that park-keeper looks strangely familiar!


15. It seems like the bears have the dirtiest minds in these books

Bear Discipline

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