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Indian Businessman Gifts 1,260 cars, 400 Flats And Diamonds To Employees



An Indian Surat-based billionaire gifted more than thousand cars and around four hundred houses to his employees as a Diwali bonus.

According to reports the founder of the Hare Krishna Exporters, Savji Dholakia, choose 1,665 people, based on their annual performance.


The big and hefty bonuses were announced at an informal meeting of employees last week during an annual affair at this company. This year his company celebrates 25 years in business. One year ago this company gifted 491 cars and 200 flats to its employees.

“We have exports worth [$700 million] across more than 70 countries, but nothing is more valuable than our employees. If we keep our employees happy, God will keep us happy.” Savji says.


Therefore the diamond merchant has decided to gift houses to 400 employees. The company will make the down-payment, along with an EMI of 5,000 INR for five years. Also, 1,260 cars and 56 jewelry boxes were reportedly given away.

“We don’t treat diamond polishers as employees but as family members as they hail from the same area from where we belong. We have given them a gift as per their performance in the company,” Savji told the Indian Express last year.

Savji Dholakia established and grew his successful diamond business using a loan from his uncle.


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