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Indian Hairstyling Imagination For Short, Medium And Long Hair


Dr. D.N. Dimri from the Archaeological Survey of India once famously said that “probably in no other country has so much imagination and thought and artistic genius been applied to the art of hairdressing”. He was referring to an archaeological find, the famous ‘dancing girl’ from Mohenjodaro. And lo and behold, hairstyling truly is an inseparable part of Indian identity, as proven by the image of the country’s gods and goddesses: Shiva and Parvati usually wore matted hair called jata, Kartikeya had a coiffure and Buddha was signified by both curly and wavy hair.


And from the heartland of hair, we bring you the party hairstyles that will help you sweep people off their feet on whatever dance floor you happen to click your heels on. The tutorial brings something for everyone as its styles are tailored in such a way that they are compatible with any hair length: short, medium and long.


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