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24 Utterly Inexplicable “Cursed” Photos


2017 has been quite a bizzare year that has seen the births of many strange Internet phonomena. Perhaps one of the most peculiar ones is that of the “cursed images.” What is a cursed image? Well, it can be either a picture or a photograph that makes the viewer feel uncomfortable, confused, even a little bit distressed. These feelings can be the result of either the photo’s poor quality, or its abnormal, or illogical content. You can’t establish what eactly determines whether an image is cursed or not: you just know it instictively when you see it.

Check out the following list, compiled by Providr, to see for yourself. Maybe not all of the following photos are cursed, but they are all inexplicable. They are like something from the Twilight Zone: depicting apparently familiar scenes, but with a twist that will make you feel like you’re in an alternate universe.

1. Stairway to hell

The cackling of these unholy creatures will accompany you on your descent to hell…


2. And some biscuits, please

When your house is flooded up to your knees, but you’re British and it’s tea time.


3. For science!

According to legend, the driver of this car wanted to find out if the ice was thick enough to drive on. It wasn’t.


4. Why, dough?

Because of the yeast, of course. The dough rose in the dumpster and leaked out. It’s only natural, and not creepy at all…


5. My planet needs me!

Someone ate far too much Mexican food…


6. How’s it hanging?

The only explaination I can think of is that this car stepped into a snare trap and was hoisted up.


7. Who needs sleep anyway?

There are many stories about children having similar immaginary friends. What if they aren’t immaginary, but spooks that can be seen only by children?


8. Tough times in the forest: even the foxes need loans

That fox waiting patiently in line has more manners than a lot of people I know.


9. Who comes up with things like this?

This is the most inception-ed photo that ever existed in the history of the world.


10. It’s a long way down that slide

You can’t take your eyes off of your children for a single second. Or they move the slide and end up in an abyss…


11. Jesus, take the wheel

Disclaimer: this does not mean you’re automatically immune to accidents.


12. That is sick!

Not sure if he really dislikes Jesus, or if it’s a sign of demonic possession… Try sprinkling some holy water on him.


13. What if Darth Vader was Scottish?

He’s going so fast there is fire coming out of his bagpipes.

The Unipiper

14. A killer combo

These all make sense on their own, really. The first one is two fingers into little doll feet, the second: an airplane trail in the background, and the third is Harry Styles’s stunt double with a mask on. The three of them together are a nightmare.

Providr.com Editorial Team

15. Banana?

This couple had a minion-themed wedding… Why?

The Mirror

16. Survival of the fittest

If these birds want food, they are gonna have to go through him.


17. And then there was one

Someone turned this tiger’s best friend into a stuffed toy! No wonder he looks so concerned.


18. Such calm, very wow

Nothing to see here, just Doge drinking his troubles away.


19. And the rivers shall run red with blood

Just kidding. It’s not a sign of the Apocalypse, don’t worry. It’s just the runoff from a chemical plant… Wait a minute… Maybe it is a sign of the Apocalypse after all…


20. Isn’t it ironic?

Don’t get me wrong, everything on this photo is insane: from the spooky dog to the fact that they’re in a bathtub. But wearing pants with the peace sign and holding a gun at the same time seems a bit hypocritical to me…


21. The sheep have accepted you as their leader and are awaiting further orders

Don’t count these sheep if you’re trying to fall asleep.


22. Someone smell cooking?

The thought of Pennywise gathering enough *food* to start a barbecue is terrifying.


23. Only true fans of Emoji wear these choker necklaces

And they are completely innocent. Just innocent necklaces.


24. Do you wanna build a snowman?

When you’re such a pessimist that not even a joyful activity like playing with snow can stop you from thinking dark thoughts.


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Source: Providr

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