Husband's Infidelity Revs Up Incredible Body Change

Husband’s Infidelity Revs Up Incredible Body Change


Current pastry chef Erin Gardner lost an incredible 10 pounds when her husband’s infidelity revved up severe reflex for change!
Namely, Erin weighed a whopping 294 pounds and would comfort eat trying to fill up the void that she felt deep inside sensing that her fleeting husband was cheating.
Her biggest fears were confirmed to her when a woman decided to contact her via a private Facebook message, saying that she had dated her husband for the last six months, not knowing he was married.
He turned out to be one of those ‘catfish’ people that deceive others on social media and lure them in their web of lies.

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This was the wakeup call Erin so longed for and it propelled her into a much needed change.
“The day I caught my ex having an online affair I decided I was going to leave and that motivated me to want to change myself too,” said Erin.
“I received a Facebook message from a girl in Louisiana, who told me that she had been in an online relationship with him for six months.”
“She said that didn’t know about me because he was using a different name and made up a completely different life.”
“After that I wasn’t sad, I was angry,” says Erin.
For things to be even worse, Erin had had her share of abusive relationships. This had always made her feel bad about herself. She tried to compensate for her anxiety and hopelessness with overeating.
However, she decided to put an end to the vicious circle and steer clear from her now ex-husband.
“I knew I didn’t need him anymore and that staying with someone who treated me badly was not setting a good example to my son.”
“Leaving my ex got the ball rolling, it helped me to kick start my weight loss.”
She would maintain a strict diet, stirring away completely from carbs in any shape or form. Her dieting was long overdue since she says she couldn’t even keep up with her son’s past time activities anymore!
“I began eating clean – so a lot of chicken, vegetables, salads and then once my weight plateaued I introduced exercise in the form of DVD workouts too.”
This is how she managed to lose 10 pounds. Needless to say, her life turned upside down for the better.

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She now has a new man in her life that makes her feel loved and respected! Domenic Federico is now her partner. He is 36.
“My new boyfriend makes me feel great about myself every day, he tells me I’m beautiful and accepts me the way I am.”
Despite getting her figure and her life back, she had also managed to do very well in her career. She launched her site where she shares fun and accessible recipes and techniques that combine her fine pastry skills and modern cake designs.
Erin, our utmost respect! This is truly a testament to the power of will!


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