This ingenious lady built her new home out of shipping containers — and it looks fantastic


Creative people all around the world unite! This woman’s idea really left me speechless and i have never heard or seen anything like this. This can just show you that a lot of creativity and a little bit of skill can create something really beautiful and different. It is not that is a DIY but it really looks really luxurious inside and outside. Scroll down further to see what i am talking about!

Her name is Claudie Dubreul, and she really did outdo herself as she has built a house out of shipping containers! Yes you read that right, SHIPPING CONTAINERS!



First, she found an engineering firm, from whom she ordered four large metallic shipping containers.


Inside, the house looks wonderful.


The huge panoramic windows create a glorious sense of space.


A spiral staircase has pride of place in the new house.


The kitchen is fitted out with everything anyone could ever need.


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