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10 Most Insane People Spotted At Walmart


Walmart is one of the biggest grocery store chains in the world. Founded back in the 1940s, Walmart has established itself as the biggest and most commonly found grocery store chain in the United States and Canada. Since it’s so commonly found, all kinds of people tend to shop there. Here are some of the craziest examples of shoppers at Walmart as compiled by Aunty Acid.

1. Gotta get that pop

10 Most Insane People Spotted At Walmart 1

2. She might as well not have worn pants that day

10 Most Insane People Spotted At Walmart 2.

3. The son can’t have any more toys.


4. I sincerely hope she’s shopping for pants


5. Sideburns.


6. That’ll keep his neck warm in the winter…


7. Roar


8. I’m scared


9. Eyebrows on fleek


10. Fleek is not the right word


If you’re going to shop at Walmart for your first time, say when you’re on a visit to the US or they opened a new one in your area, just be prepared to encounter plenty of people like this. And I hate to break it to you, but they can be worse than this. Walmart may be one of the best stores in the world, but it’s not safe from people like the ones you saw here.

Have any more photos of insane looking people you’ve spotted at this store? Share them in the comments!


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