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6 Adorable And Inspirational Kids who Turn the Selfish Stereotype on it’s Head


MINE, MINE, MINE, NO! , can be a common utterance from little people who are defining their identity…Kids are not normally known for their altruistic tendencies so its really refreshing to see these guys contribute something to their society  in their selfless acts. Applause Ahoy for these tiny heroes!

  1. After saving $120, this boy bought food and made lunches for the homeless people in his community.



2. Even though Christian got bullied at school, he persevered and grew his hair for two years so he could donate it to kids with cancer. The t-shirt says it all!

Christian grew his hair for two years — something which he got bullied for at school. But he did it, without complaint, in order to donate his hair to other kids suffering from cancer.



3. Ken made a home for stray dogs in his garage called the Happy Animals Club’.

Ken created an animal shelter for homeless dogs in his garage




3. This little dude tried to give the bunny a helping hand.



4. Kiana raised money for the local animal shelter by selling all her stuffed toys.

Kiana, sold all of her toys and donated all the money she earned to the local animal shelter



5. This little girl comforts her dog before he goes to the vet for some vaccinations.

This little girl decided to cheer up her dog before it had its appointment at the vet. The dog had to get some shots


6. A 3 yr old girl has seen other girl without hair and asked why she was bald. Her mom explained that she was sick and the medicine had made her hair fall out. “Oh. She can have some of my hair,” was the reply, which she followed through on.




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